2007 US Nationals Penguin Beaver & Cadet /Final Game Results
2007 US Nationals Penguin Beaver & Cadet /Final Game Results

The 2007 US NATIONALS - Penguin, Beaver & Cadet divisions begin play Thursday, May 24 and continues through the Memorial Day holiday weekend. This is the 33rd year for the Official US Nationals Tournament. Team previews and results will be posted here thoughout the weekend, keep checking here for continued tournament results and news.

Defending 2006  A" Champions are as follows: Marlton, NJ (Penguin and Beaver A) and Bellmawr, NJ (Cadet A).


Penguin A      

Hudson, MA Wicked 3, Leominster, MA Storm 2                                                                               

Penguin B  

Athol-Orange, MA Avalanche 4, Hudson, MA Hawks 2

Beaver C                                                                                                                                                                             

Twin City Hawks 2, LDHC Storm 1

Cadet B                                                                                                                                                                           

Leominster, MA Blue Devils 2, Hudson Attack 1        

Athol Phantoms 4, Twin City Cyclones 1

Cadet A                                                                                                     

Leominster, MA Kings 6, Hudson All-Stars 3


Cadet A     

Bellmawr, NJ Bears 4, Leominster, MA Generals 0  

Team Pittsburgh, PA 2, Egg Harbor, NJ 1

Cadet B                                                                                                                                                                               

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 4, Twin City Cyclones 1

Penguin A                                                                                                                                                                            

Hudson, MA Wicked 4, Egg Harbor, NJ 1                                                              

Leominster, MA River Rats 2, Bellmawr, NJ Bears 1

Penguin B                                                                                                                                                                 

Leominster, MA Flames 2, Gardner, MA Predators 2                                           

Beaver A                                                                                                                                                                             

Egg Harbor, NJ 3, Leominster, MA Red Wings 1                                                                                                    

Monroe, NJ Storm 9, Bellmawr, NJ Bears 0

Beaver B                                                                                                                                                                          

Mylec, MA Jr. Blue Devils 3, Hudson, MA Dek Hurricanes 0                                                                                     

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 4, Athol-Orange Avalanche 0

Beaver C                                                                                                                                                                           

Leominster, MA Warriors 5, Marlton, NJ 1

Saturday, May 26

Cadet A

Penn Hills, PA 4, Hudson, MA All-Stars 3

Leominster, MA Kings 6, Marlton, NJ 4

Egg Harbor, NJ 4, Leominster, MA Generals 1

Team Pittsburgh, PA 3, Bellmawr, NJ 1

Marlton, NJ 9, Penn Hills 2

Cadet B

Hudson, MA Attack 3, Egg Harbor, NJ 1

Athol Phantoms 8, Niagara Falls Flyers 3

Leominster, MA Blue Devils 2, Egg Harbor, NJ 0

Marlton, NJ 3, Niagara Falls, ONT Flyers 3

Beaver A

Bellmawr, NJ Bears 7, Penn Hills, PA All-Stars 0

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 2, Leominster, MA Red Wings 1

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 4, Egg Harbor, NJ Phantoms 2

Monroe, NJ Storm 7, Penn HIlls All-Stars 5

Beaver B

Egg Harbor, NJ Phantoms 2, Hudson, MA Dek Hurricanes 1

Mylec Jr. Blue Devils 3, South Jersey Hurricanes 1

Team Pittsburgh, PA 2, Marlton, NJ 2

So. Jersey Hurricanes 5, Athol-Orange, MA Avalance 1 

Pittsburgh, PA 3, Egg Harbor, NJ Phantoms 2

Beaver C

Marlton, NJ 3, Leominster, MA Storm 2

Leominster, MA Warriors 3, Twin City Hawks 1

Penguin A

Leominster, MA Storm 3, Egg Harbor, NJ 2

Leominster, MA River Rats 2, Gloucester, NJ Panthers 0

Bellmawr, NJ Bears 4, Monroe, NJ Storm 2

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 4, Hudson, MA Wicked 3

Leominster, MA Storm 4, Marlton, NJ Chiefs 1

Gloucester, NJ Panthers 8, Monroe, NJ Storm 5


Beaver A

Marlton, NJ 5, Penn Hills All-Stars 2

Monroe, NJ 3, Leominster, MA Red Wings 1

Bellmawr, NJ 2, Egg Harbor, NJ 2

Beaver B

PLAYOFF ROUND -- Quarterfinals

Team Pittsburgh, PA 2, Athol-Orange Avalance 0

Egg Harbor, NJ 4, So. Jersey Hurricanes 1

Marlton, NJ 3, Hudson, MA Hurricanes 2 (OT)

Beaver C

LDHC Storm 5, Leominster Warriors 1

Twin City Hawks 2, Marlton, NJ 2 (Hawks win 2-0 in PS)

Penguin A

Leominster, MA River Rats 9, Monroe, NJ Storm 1

Marlton, NJ Chiefs 3, Egg Harbor, NJ 0

Penguin B

Egg Harbor, NJ 5, Marlton, NJ 2

Athol-Orange, MA 5, Gardner, MA 1

Leominster, MA Flames 6, Hudson, MA 3

Monday Finals

Penguin B

Athol Avalanche 2-1 Egg Harbor Twsp Phantoms Goals by Collin Mailloux & Ryan Ambrouy edged EHT in a close match both goalies  Alec Alleva of EHT and Av's Kaleb Salmond played great as the Av's captured the B" Championship 

Penguin A 

Hudson Wicked Champs

The Hudson Ma Wicked coached by Kerry Shea defeated favored Leomnster River Rats 5-3 to capture the crown. A very exciting game the Rats went up 2-0 after a scoreless first period,  on goals by KJ Dowling & Robby Roach. With less that 45 second left in the second period Garret Lehan scored twice in 1o seconds to tie the game. With momentum in their favor Wicked Trevor Shea scored his first of 2 goals to take the lead 3-2. The Rats Roach scored his second goal to tie the game at 3-3. Brendan Cytulik got his third goal of the game "Hat Trick" and the Wicked took the lead for good. Shea added an insurance goal banking the ball of the defending netminder. Goalie Mike Purnell of Wicked got the win in net.

Beaver B

Team Pittsburgh coached by Corey Herschk edged Jason's Swischer's EHT Phantoms 3-1 on goals by Jim Powell, and two late 3rd period goals by Ty Reddick to win the B" Championship.  Ty Dixon scored the lone EHT goal.

Beaver A

Monroe Storm of NJ crushed the Bellmawr Bears NJ 6-0 , the Storm coached by Tom Ruiz got an unassisted goal by son Jon Ruiz early in the 1st period and were never challenged again, Ruiz scored his 2nd goal at the start of the period, teammates Doug Sanders & Donnie Battaglinni added goals only minutes apart. In the 3rd period Ryan Irlich scored and Battaglinni got his second goal of the game.

Cadet  B

Avery exciting Cadet B Final as the Mylec Blue Devils coached by Bernie Saulnier and Rick DeFazio edged the Hudson Attack coached by John Sawyer 4-3 7 minutes into Overtime on a shot by Anhtony Laperrier. The Attack scored first on a goal by John Everett, the Devils Steve Icaboni & jayson Gavin then scored to take the lead. Hudson's Mike Coulombe tied it at 2-2. In the 3rd period Justin Defazio gave the Devils a short lived lead, when Attack sniper Ryan Azar sent the game into OT. Both goalies Pete Kraemer of the Attack and Devils Ryan Demar made several great saves for their team

Cadet A

For the second year in a row the Bellmawr Bears captured the Championship, with a powerful 6-0 win over the Marlton NJ Chiefs. The Bears played solid hockey in the Semi defeating rival Leominster Kings 2-0. The Bears scored early in the 1st period on  goal by Andy Mucerino, then scored 3 goals in the second period by Eric Zimmerman, Eddie Sarin and Steve Romano. Romano scored the next two goals for the Hat Trick. George Kletz recorded both the Semi and Final shutout for the Bears. Bellmawr was coached by Ed Scott.




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