IDTA Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame StatueNovember 14, 1999 was the inaugural opening of the StreetHockey/DekHockey Hall of Fame. The commencement ceremony took place in Leominster, Massachusetts.
Hall Of Fame Plaques

The Hall of Fame will honor players, coaches, teams, organizers and pioneers of the sport. Each recipient will recieve a trophy and a plaque depicting the inductee's accomplishments that will be placed on "The Wall of Fame".

IDTA Hall of Fame Inductees

Frank Napieracz
Dave Kornik
Inducted into the Hall Of Fame: 14 November 1999

Frank Napieracz - Montreal Flames

The sport of ball hockey/street hockey was truly blessed to have had a person of Frank's caliber and dedication to the game. He pioneered the sport in the Montreal suburbs of Point St. Charles in 1971 by organizing teams and leagues at the local YMCA. His enthusiasm for the game developed this humble beginning into an area wide sport that has touched thousands of players since its inception. The gymnasium in which he started now proudly bears his name and the Frank Napieracz Memorial gymnasium was dedicated to his memory in June of 1999.

Frank organized the Montreal Flames into a competitive team that traveled to the Internationals for 21 straight years and the CanAm several times. He was the heart and soul of the Flames, a true team leader and a quality player. In his career, he won 12 Most Valuable Player Awards and 17 Most Valuable Defenseman Awards. At the tournament level, Frank was a great player who commanded respect for his skills as well as his leadership.

Frank Napieracz passed away on February 4, 1998 while playing Ball Hockey, the game he loved, in the gymnasium that now bears his name. He will be sorely missed but long remembered by all those who knew him as an organizer, player, competitor and friend.

Inducted into the Hall Of Fame: 14 November 1999

Dave Kornik - Leominster Rams

Dave Kornik is one of the pioneers of Street hockey/Dekhockey in Leominster, MA. Since 1971, Dave has played an important and unselfish role in the development of the sport from the street to the organized level played in rinks under official playing rules.

He has played many roles in bringing the sport to its current level. From serving on the Rules Committee for the Official Rule Book to the roles of Coach, General Manager, Tournament Official, Referee and IDTA Administrator, Dave's talents have added rule innovation and game strategy to the sport. His artistic talents live on through the logos and classic artwork that he created to personify the unique characteristics of the sport to which he has been so dedicated.

In 1976, Dave Kornik helped to form and coach the team that ultimately became recognized as the greatest team in the sport - the Leominster Rams. In their first year, the Rams won back to back championships in the US Nationals and the Internationals. Throughout the team's history, Dave has played an important part as Coach or General Manager helping to guide the Rams to 12 National titles, 10 CanAm titles and 7 International titles.

Dave has inspired many players to greatness and continues to make important contributions to the sport.

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